A Bit About Me

I’m Megan Maddock and I’m running for the Board of Education because I am passionate about youth having all the opportunities that a good education affords them. I’ve dedicated my life to being an educator to vulnerable youth.


I became a teacher because I believe education is a right that creates openings not afforded to enough youth in our district. I've worked with individuals with special needs for the last 9 years and know that with equitable treatment, growth and success are attainable. I am a teacher working with adjudicated youth and have seen how students easily fall through the cracks, but also how a little time and individualized consideration can help students get back on track. I'm a queer woman and know how important it is to feel seen and celebrated in school curriculum.

Kalamazoo has such an incredible advantage with the Promise, and our graduation rates are rising...but it’s not enough. Our alternative programs are filled with possibilities for a specialized kind of education and Kalamazoo is ready to support innovative practices that address the needs of all learners.


Core Action Pillars

Provide equitable opportunities for all students

  • Evaluate suspension & expulsion policies

  • Evaluate use of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support practices in schools for student behavior

  • All KPS staff trained in Anti-Racist, Anti-Bias practices​
  • District-wide trauma-informed practices training
  • Create on-boarding for new district employees to be trained in Anti-Racist, Anti-Bias & trauma-informed practices 
  • ​BoE attends 2.5 day ERACCE workshop

  • Employ restorative practices with fidelity

  • Increase mental health supports

  • Call for line-by-line assessment of budget to determine where funds can be redistributed​

Strengthen community, educator, Administration, and parent partnerships

  • Create/Implement parent advisory group

  • Leadership professional learning community in all schools, chosen by employees

  • Liaison from each group to meet district wide leaders monthly

  • Assess criteria for volunteering

  • Better engage parents in the volunteer and education process

  • Ongoing professional development that utilizes community resources

  • Increase volunteering through Community in Schools and in the school building

  • Connecting students with community services through schools to set up post secondary academic & life plans

Support new innovative practices within our district

  • Advocate for middle college & trade courses at alternative schools

  • Less homework expectations

  • Relationship over business model of education

  • Remove test scores from teacher evaluations

  • Implement mindfulness practices in schools of all levels



To help me in my run for the KPS Board of Education, please consider a donation to my campaign.


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